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Joel Williams is Yorkshire Housing’s data analyst apprentice and had only been with the company 6 months prior to lockdown.  Joel’s role included learning the principles of resource planning and collating data for the production of management information. However, as lockdown occurred and our contact centre became a remote service, with all staff now working from home, the requirements of the resource planning team changed. 

As these changes happened, Joel expanded the remit of his role.  His role as data analyst apprentice primarily was to plan and collate data as well as produce scheduled and ad hoc management information reports. However, during COVID-19 he has demonstrated the values of data to a different level. Responding to the requirements of home working brought on by COVID-19, Joel has been pivotal in testing and implementing new systems, enabling remote working and producing new data reporting tools to support managers in managing staff performance remotely. 

To enable effective remote planning we introduced new systems, which Joel was able to learn and become adept at using. Joel was pivotal in the implementation of these systems, providing good insight and identifying potential issues for fix prior to their going live.  Since the introduction of these systems Joel has been able to provide detailed support to our managers and has received positive feedback on a near continual basis. 

As a result of the changes, detailed management information has become even more prominent and Joel has really gone above and beyond. Rather than simply collating data, Joel using self-learning and support from others, produced new reporting tools which are now used by our team managers on a daily basis to identify staff performance changes, allowing them to react much faster to potential issues. 

These reports have allowed team managers to begin coaching on specific areas of concern and, as a result, we are now beginning to see improvements in the centre’s overall performance – October vs September has seen an improvement of 11%. 

Over the pandemic period, Yorkshire Housing’s resource planning team continues to work from home. Joel has shown an outstanding level of determination, flexibility and initiative throughout the lockdown period. He has built for himself a great reputation within our department with managers and advisors alike and is exceeding target dates set for his apprenticeship qualification. He has taken on the new challenges and proven apprentices can continue to work, learn and go beyond even in times of a pandemic! 

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