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Ryan started on a 2 year L4 Software developer apprenticeship in September 2019. Although we already encouraged flexible working, the overnight switch to 100% remote working in March was challenging for many but Ryan remained committed to his self-development and project deliverables. The apprentice provider has also had to adapt, which has reduced their number of training days and a switch to virtual. Ryan has embraced on-the-job training, using self-taught and peer experience to exponentially increase his technical knowledge.

To support Bentley’s “come back stronger” strategy, Ryan has developed a number of apps in a very short time frame. The first, a daily site risk assessment, has been in place for 20 weeks with 530 users making 6,500 entries. This has been used primarily in the manufacturing environment to support the occupation H&S team ensure appropriate measures are in place to keep our colleagues covid safe.

The second is for office areas to book seats when coming on site, to ensure availability due to reduced capacity for social distancing, monitor onsite capacity, and support track and trace if required. This app has 180 users making 1,500 entries in 6 weeks. All data is monitored and reported to the Exec team on a daily basis. Ryan’s self-motivation and ability to persevere and solve any problems/blockers he encounters, has been key to the speed and success of these measures and making Bentley a benchmark in Covid response.

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