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Munajj Islam, an Assistant Clinical Technologist has continued to deliver high quality Clinical Engineering services throughout the pandemic. The clinical engineering workforce – Clinical Scientists and Clinical Engineering Technologists – are absolutely essential to deliver safe and high-quality modern healthcare. Munajj is part of a team that continue to play a vital role in procuring, providing and maintaining life-saving equipment and ventilators during this year’s Covid-19 crisis.

As part of the clinical engineering team in the Newham University Hospital, Munajj carried out his daily responsibilities whilst helping with repairs and installation of medical equipment. Initially the ITU in Newham University Hospital had a total of 8  beds. ITU was then expanded to a 28-bed ward which had an entirely new additional fleet of equipment.

During the process he learnt a lot about ITU bed spaces as part of his duties included helping nurses and consultants with their equipment needs. Munajj benefitted from this experience by developing his technical skills including repairing and servicing equipment. This was a difficult time with a lot of the workforce off sick or on leave, yet Munajj grabbed the opportunity to take on much greater responsibility and excelled whilst doing so.

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