Cavendish Nuclear

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George Garner is a 3rd year Project Management Apprentice who has a real passion for outreach, building strong relationships and using his skills for innovation to create change. Based in our Warrington office, George had to quickly transition to remote/virtual learning and working in order to continue to deliver excellent results in both his role and at college.

George had taken the challenges from COVID-19 in his stride, not letting the restrictions limit his reach to the local community. During the height of lockdown, George took on the responsibility of leading STEM for Cavendish Nuclear in the Warrington area. He quickly assessed the changing landscape and went straight to focusing on the development of a virtual work experience programme. Recognising that in-person work experience would no longer be a safe viable option, George has been working in collaboration with Sellafield Ltd and KBR in the development of a virtual nuclear work experience programme. With the pilot scheduled for November it will allow 6-8 students a month’s long experience of running their own project set around a real nuclear scenario. It will give them that important exposure to a professional environment, which they will experience through remote/virtual working in just the same way as the majority of the current workforce in the country. 

During the pandemic, George also used his creative abilities to develop a civil nuclear STEM activity and educational booklet, suitable for all ages to help them understand the nuclear industry in simple and fun ways. He is currently working on creating a mentoring programme for local schools and colleges to tap into. This will provide students with the opportunity to access a professional mentor whilst they are studying in higher education. Furthermore, George is also working with a local university technical college (UTC) to offer tutoring/technical/development sessions where industry experts will provide expertise on their subject matter via face-to-face or virtual sessions. 

George has not only focused on STEM during lockdown, he has also driven continual professional development (CPD) for the project professional’s early careers community. With support from one of Babcock Internationals marine graduates, George set up CPD sessions for both Cavendish and Babcock employees to help them during these difficult times, these sessions helped to tick off key competencies needed for their apprentice and graduate schemes, along with helping the community to build a wider network. George targeted both internal and external speakers to host these sessions, broadening the community’s horizons and improving inclusivity of thought.

George is a proactive and resourceful individual who has the ability to see past the obstacles in his way and come up with innovative solutions. He is a superstar apprentice, an asset to his team and is well on his way to becoming a great project manager. His passion for STEM and for community outreach is amazing and so valuable in our industry, which is increasingly in need of STEM qualified talent.