Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

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During the pandemic Vickie Ibbott was responsible for creating Covid-19 secure processes for staff in the hospitals under her remit.

The mobilisation of the new community contract through the early months of the pandemic was a massive operational undertaking, especially during a period when senior members of the team were off with Covid. Vickie’s role was to guide 230 members of staff through this period by organising the issue of new IT equipment and systems, ensuring a smooth transition for staff who were being transferred from one organisation to another. This in itself, on top of a pandemic brings many operational challenges. However, Vickie rose to these challenges, ensuring business continuity and patient safety during this crucial time of transfer period.

Vickie has been highly commended for her support and management throughout the current pandemic. Her role includes, process writing, structure and systems building as well as compilation of training policies and procedures in relation to COVID-19 compliance requirements.