Go-Ahead London

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During Covid-19, Sherice Cadette balanced her key worker role as a London bus driver alongside her duties as a mother of two young children and a carer for her elderly mother. Sherice felt she had a moral obligation and responsibility to do her bit during the pandemic and ensure transport was available to those who needed it most. Her role as a bus driver meant essential and key workers across London could get to their place of work safely throughout the pandemic.

Sherice’s assigned bus route journeys through several areas across London with major hospitals nearby, such as St George’s and Springfield. This therefore meant the vast majority of her passengers were either doctors, nurses, or other vital hospital staff as well as patients.

Sherice’s professionalism, throughout the pandemic is truly inspirational, despite the ongoing challenges she faced, especially with her own health, Sherice didn’t stop driving her favourite route. Sherice was determined to make a contribution to society and help continue to provide a much needed service across London.