Northumbrian Water Group

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Thomas Smith joined the NWG in November 2019.  During COVID-19 Thomas continued in his role as an Apprentice Production Operator however his learning had to be accelerated to make sure that we could continue to provide clean, clear and great tasting water to all of our customers. At the start of the pandemic all of our treatment work operators were granted key worker status. 

Thomas has achieved his competency to operate Lumley WTW and treat water to a regulatory standard within 12 months, whilst also taking on additional responsibilities to learn the Sunderland Groundwater sites whilst he learnt about the water sources that come from an underground aquifer.  His flexibility has meant we can support both the Lumley and GWS teams with additional cover during COVID.  Thomas’ additional training has improved our COVID resilience, to ensure treatment works can continue to operate throughout this period.

The Level 3 Diploma quickly changed to online learning and Thomas proactively provided lecture material and led his cohorts through a practical example of filter changes, which he learnt on the Sunderland groundwater sites.  His fellow colleagues commented that it was done to a high level and Thomas’ explanation helped them understand the subject using real examples.