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It would be very difficult to single out one individual apprentice as they have all excelled during these difficult and uncertain times; so, as a company we have nominated our 1st Year Engineering Cohort of 13 young people as our nomination.

Even though the apprentices had all been furloughed at home they understood the need to continue & stay on track with their college coursework, a task not helped as the college on-line systems were far from effective in the first few weeks.

We gave our 1st year apprentices the opportunity to volunteer whilst furloughed, every one of them responded positively and couldn’t wait to get involved. They started off their volunteer period by going into the shipyard in small groups to make and sew face-masks – a new skill for all of them but they enjoyed it.                            

The apprentices also offered their support to the local community as volunteers. An example of their work, they helped with maintenance at the local cricket club something usually done by people who were now having to isolate but our apprentices made sure things didn’t fall into disrepair; the local town council were keen for help and the team did 4 weeks of town cleans preparing Falmouth for the public to come back safely. The apprentices also helped out in local schools, assisting one in Redruth to build an outside learning area, something that probably wouldn’t have got done without our volunteers. The apprentices never said no even though for some it wasn’t easy due to lock-down restrictions and travel.