Beesknees Day Nursery

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Due to Covid-19, Kara Tanner has had to adapt and change the way in which she learnt as college learning moved online and away from classroom based lessons. Everything was either completed virtually or through learning on the job during the challenges of pandemic.

As Kara’s training changed to working remotely, she was able to remain working throughout Covid-19. Kara was able to continue to offer support to the business in providing a safe and stimulating environment for the vulnerable and key worker children under the care of the nursery. Kara worked the whole way through lockdown and was very supportive to her team and manager that she worked with daily.

Kara did all of this at just 17 years old. The skills and knowledge she has learnt whilst qualifying as a level 2 during lockdown has made her want to go straight onto complete her level 3. She is a great asset to the team and continues to work hard supporting those in her care.