Partnership Education

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Sam Watts is a Service Technician and Technical Apprentice at Milton Keynes College working for Cranfield based tech company, Partnership Education. Prior to COVID-19, Sam’s job entailed going into schools to help them make the most of networking and cloud technologies. He was the ‘Go-To-Guy’ for when teachers weren’t quite sure how to use their software.

However, during COVID and while working from home, he was deluged with calls for help, not just from teachers but from parents and students, trying to get to grips with their newly-enforced distance learning. One of Sam’s biggest challenges was to help everything run smoothly even when the teachers and pupils involved are using vastly different devices and had very variable internet connections.

Sam is a tremendous ambassador for the business and during school closures, he did an amazing job helping to keep education going in the area. He has to balance being good at the technical side of the business but also having to win the confidence of the teachers and parents so that they feel like he’s part of the team.