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Benjamin Peermamode-Murphy works with the Customer Experience team as a Continuous Improvement Apprentice, working towards improving customers experience of Pearson UK’s products and services. This involves direct customer contact, as well as participating in working groups with the aim to influence and improve services within the business for the benefits of customers.

Ben has proven himself to be an amazing ally and advocate of diversity and inclusion during his time with Pearson. I am particularly proud of his contribution to Pride 2020 activities with Spectrum UK, an Employee Resource Group that advocates for LGBT+ rights of Pearson employees and customers. Ben has been instrumental in the last few months in challenging and encouraging his colleagues in Spectrum UK to try new ways of working, taking the time to teach us how to use new software. Ben’s input ensured we created multiple events that were engaging and fun, as well as informative and educational to the benefit of our colleagues across the business. 

The feedback we received due to Ben’s input into Pride 2020 events was overwhelmingly positive, so much so his knowledge and input was requested by other Employee Resource Groups in the business to support their events. Ben has developed a fantastic reputation within Pearson due to his strong work ethic, willingness to support colleagues by sharing his knowledge and by taking on projects in addition to his day job. It’s been a great pleasure to work with Ben this year, he has brought a fresh outlook to Spectrum UK and it’s been wonderful to learn from him and admire his approach and commitment to being an ally for a minority group in Pearson UK.