BMW Group Plant Swindon

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The Role of Daniel Brown as a Tool Maintenance Apprentice is to work within the Toolroom environment and learn skills and knowledge to allow him to Maintain and repair Tool sets required for the production of high quality panels.

During the COVID-19 Lockdown period Dan volunteered to continue working through on a project that the business ran with a company called OES Medical, assisting with the building of Ventilators for the NHS.

Dan was in his 2nd year of his 4 year apprenticeship and had only spent 6 months on Plant having completed his first year at Swindon College. The role that Dan volunteered for certainly put his skills to the test and really accentuated just how much he has learnt is the short time he had been in the workplace and the knowledge he gained from his time at college.

The project required Dan to work some very long and unsocial hours, with a fair amount of travelling to Whitney and back.

The tasks that were asked of Dan were at a level far in advance of his years, but that did not phase him, he accepted every challenge with enthusiasm and passion, determined to succeed no matter what. His ability to achieve the required components in the timescale required demonstrated his commitment to the tasks. His dedication to assist and complete tasks also led to him being involved in the redesigning of various elements, the project leaders were coming to him for advice on what was and wasn’t possible.

Not only did Dan volunteer for a role that would push him in realms he didn’t realise he was capable of, he also was prepared to put himself and his family at risk to assist the NHS. Whilst Dan was heavily involved in this work he attend virtual lessons with college when time allowed and when it didn’t he had fellow apprentices take notes and he caught up in his time at home. He never missed a deadline and his work was still submitted to a very high standard that he had set in his 1st year.

This period of change has enhanced Dans skillset and his confidence in what he can achieve, I have seen him grow in this time from a timid young boy who is keen to work hard and do everything asked of him, to a strong young man that has a level of confidence and maturity beyond his years, attributes that will only serve him well during the remainder of his apprenticeship and set him ahead of his year group.