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Harry Clarke is a 4th year Electrical Design Apprentice based out of our Leicester design office. He attends college one day a week and works in the design office the rest of the week putting his theory into practice. With the lockdown measures resulting from the pandemic Harry had to adjust to both remote/virtual working and learning. He has not been back to the office since March but has continued to deliver excellent work both at work and at college.

During the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 virus Harry was aware that many health and care facilities were running low on PPE and were not able to offer key workers the basic level of safety they required to perform their job roles and to keep their patients safe. When lockdown began Harry was one of many employees across the company required to leave the workshop/office environment and to begin working from home. Harry had built a 3D printer in recent years as a home project and after seeing these reports of the PPE shortfall decided to use his 3D printer and CAD skills to help where he could. Harry produced 3D printed face visors with a clear acetate insert as the face shield, which he donated to local Hospitals, GPs, Pharmacies and Care Homes. He printed multiple batches of these visors and donated to many different facilities across the City and County.

He discovered a small group on Facebook who were joining forces to print and donate visors across the whole of the UK. This group grew and managed to create a network of volunteers with printers and put them in touch with facilities in need to get them the PPE they required within a matter of days. By printing and donating these visors Harry had a real impact on the community by improving the safety for both the key worker staff and the patients. Harry did not sit back when the country went in to lockdown, he knew the skills he had developed at Cavendish Nuclear and on his apprenticeship could be used to have a positive impact on the community in a time of need.

Harry has proved to himself that he can achieve what he sets his mind to regardless of the limitations imposed by his environment. He showed true passion for his discipline by building his own 3D printer. When he saw a need he did not hesitate to take action to provide a solution that had real value to his community and country. His ability to take what he learns and transform it into the tangible is a valuable skill that will take him far in his chosen career.