George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust

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Satya Shrestha is a Student Nursing Associate and once qualified will be a Registered Nursing Associate.  A Nursing Associate is a new role designed by Health Education England to bridge the gap between a Registered Nurse and a Healthcare Assistant.  The Student Nursing Foundation Degree Apprenticeship is a two year programme which involves working in clinical practice and attending University once a week.  

Satya was in the final year of his apprenticeship when the pandemic hit and was working on a respiratory ward with patients with Covid-19.  Satya found it challenging as staff members, including himself had to self-isolate with symptoms.  Satya found that providing comfort and assurance to  patient’s and their families became more significant as families were unable to visit their loved ones.  Satya became the patients’ advocate doing the best that he could for them taking care of patients at the end of their life and delivering care after death. 

Throughout the pandemic Satya has also taken care of his colleagues and other members of the multidisciplinary team.  Satya recognised when staff members were feeling depressed or anxious due to patients dying and not being able to see their family members and has signposted them to free online mental health support for NHS workers.  

Satya kept himself updated with the Government guidelines during the pandemic, the guidelines were constantly changing and Satya was quickly able to adapt.  Satya had the opportunity to learn new skills, these included attending training on Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and Non Invasive Ventilation and how to support patients who were undergoing this treatment.  Satya also supported the clinical skills team at the trust as he assisted with the staff antibody testing programme by taking staff members blood for testing.

Although universities closed Satya continued with his apprenticeship, the University quickly adapted and changed to online learning using various online platforms.  There were also changes to learning in the workplace, as apprentices could no longer go on spoke visits with other members of the multidisciplinary team.  

Satya has proven himself to be a valuable member of the organisation, he has a calm and compassionate nature, showing empathy to his patients and colleagues.  Satya has continued to develop in his role making the most of his learning opportunities.

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