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Ethan Brennan is a Healthcare Level 2 Apprentice, during Covid-19 Ethan was undertaking a placement on a respiratory ward, carrying out daily healthcare duties. As with all apprentices he was offered the opportunity to move to a more low risk area, he declined as he wanted to remain in his original placement to care for the elderly patients and support the team.

During Covid-19 Ethan chose to remain on a reparatory ward, caring for patients and supporting the team. Ethan has continuously demonstrated a caring, compassionate manner toward the patients he has cared for, as well as their relatives and his colleagues. As highlighted by his placement manager he went above and beyond for his patients on a daily basis, an example of this, Ethan would create a shopping list for the patients on the ward and go to the hospital shop in his break to collect items, he said it made the patients just a little bit happier. Ethan would stay after his shift so that he could support patients to facetime their relatives on ipads. This made a huge difference to the patient’s hospital experience in a very difficult climate.

Although Ethan was 24 when he started his apprenticeship he did not have a background in care or any care experience.Ethan has not always found the course work/study easy however he has remained engaged and keen to learn and remained focused with support, and continued to undertake a full day of study on a weekly basis. As a result Ethan has just started his new Healthcare Assistant role on an elderly medicine ward. Ethan now hopes to progress onto the nurse associate programme in the future and to become a SN.