Yorkshire Housing

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Aaron Price began his Surveyor Apprenticeship journey with Yorkshire Housing in August 2018. His contractual responsibility is to assist with the implementation of quality control monitoring and checking contractor performance, including monitoring building defects, and conducting post- repair inspections. 

Aaron side-stepped during the pandemic period from his apprentice surveyor role involving conducting site visits/inspections, to supporting Yorkshire Housing property services team behind the scenes. He was, and still is, instrumental during COVID-19 in supporting Yorkshire Housing’s repairs help desk and helping the organisation to catch up with the volume of repairs that had built during full lockdown. 

While working on the help desk during lockdown, Aaron provided tenants with confidence as to when their repair would be undertaken, supporting the property administration team when the volume of work was high, enabling the team to continue to provide an effective and efficient service. 

When faced with the global pandemic, which was a huge unexpected challenge, Yorkshire Housing had to change the way it operated overnight. Non-emergency inspection visits were put on hold and consequently Aaron had to work from home as his site visits were at a standstill. However, Aaron used this as an opportunity to display how the skills and knowledge he had gained so far on his apprenticeship were transferable.  

Aaron willingly assisted the repairs help desk team to deliver an efficient and effective service, supporting with all contractor variations and inputting them on Yorkshire Housing’s database. This required the knowledge and IT system experience, cross-team communication and confidence when challenging contractor decisions – all of which Aaron had gained throughout his apprenticeship and now executed at a very high standard. 

Aaron also became a valuable support element for the surveyors and the repairs managers.  With the wealth of experience Aaron has gained during his apprenticeship he has been able to support with raising works effectively, acting with speed and accuracy.   

Yorkshire Housing support tenants who may need extra emotional support and understanding. Aarons approach, manner and willingness to help the team and support the tenants over the pandemic period has been impressive, wasting no time raising necessary works and following through with queries, making sure nothing is missed to support the tenants. There is no question that Aaron regularly goes over and beyond to support the tenants and the team with what is required. 

Although Aaron was unable to be as active with the surveyors during the pandemic, he was still open and positive about learning from behind the scenes. Aaron’s commitment and enthusiasm to continue being an asset to YH is commendable and he followed this through in his apprenticeship qualification. Aaron used the lockdown period to complete all requirements and all the remaining assignments and tests virtually. Aaron naturally adapted to learning, working from home and being managed remotely, showcasing his maturity and commitment to the role and his qualification.