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Aaron Pendlebury is completing his Level 3 Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship using our apprentice levy funding. Aaron joined the company in March 2019, working in our IT department whilst studying for his technical apprenticeship with Warrington and Royal Vale College. Aaron spends 1 day a week studying with the rest of the time spent in work. 

During the pandemic, whilst most of the IT team were placed on furlough, Aaron rolled his sleeves up and got stuck in to help oversee the IT Service Desk.

As a company, traditionally our employees are based at our sites and offices, Aaron was critical in getting them set up for home working so that we could continue to provide critical services to our clients within industrial engineering sectors for key infrastructure. 

Just before lockdown, Aaron helped to roll out over 50 + machines and he set the majority up within a week to enable employees to keep working and supporting the end users. He played a huge part in the mobilisation which has allowed our operations to continue and protected our workers safety.

Aaron has been on the modern day front line, keeping a cool head and positive demeanor whilst tackling / triaging a seemingly insurmountable number of requests, when nearly all staff were switched to remote working for the first time, and all at once.

Amid the growing stressors and uncertainty, Aarons character has remained nothing short of exemplary and I have received both formal and anecdotal praise for Aarons attitude and behaviour.

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