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Tom Noble usually works in our Electrical workshop, where he is a Repair Technician. During the first lockdown he went to work in our production workshop making trolleys for ventilators, as part of the Ventilator UK challenge. He’s currently working towards completing his engineering degree via an apprenticeship.

During the Coronavirus pandemic Tom moved from electrical repairs, to work in our production workshop (a very different environment with much more physical work) and was a key member of our team making trolleys for ventilators as part of Ventilator Challenge UK. In total, we supplied around 40km of aluminum (15,100 sets) within seven weeks and it was a huge task that required quick, accurate work and a commitment to getting the job done.

At the time Tom was involved in this very important work, he was continuing to complete his college work and had to do so remotely. He has now successfully completed his apprenticeship and embarked a final year of study (again, remotely which is extremely difficult) to achieve his BEng (Hons).

Tom is a great asset to our workforce. He is diligent, calm and determined to succeed.